Birth Control Methods, (1990).
This booklet which provides information about contraceptive methods has had a print run of 30,000 copies in three editions. It is included in the training package of the MOH regular training program for physicians and nurses.
Contraceptive Technology - International Edition (1990).
The Turkish translation of this well-known book by R. Hatcher et al is the first comprehensive reference document on family planning and reproductive health in Turkey.





Kaynak, (1991-1996).
Periodical for family planning service providers, the publishing has been paused after 18 issues.


Family Planning Clinician's Handbook, (1995).
This book has been prepared as an easy reference resource for all family planning service providers with the aim of promoting and publicizing the national service standards. The first edition has been printed in 15,000 copies..



Working Children Seminar for School Inspectors, 19-23 June1995.
A seminar report of a project on child labor.
FP Bulletin, (1995-1997).
A bi-monthly HRDF newsletter, which is entirely, devoted to family planning and reproductive health issues. Each issue has been distributed to about 8,000 professionals working at health centers, MCH centers, OB/GYN wards, medical schools, private family planning institutions, clinics and to private physicians and the media. The publishing has been paused.




Gacı, (1997-2000)
A bulletin for sex workers’ problems which was published quarterly
Essentials of Family Planning, (1997).
It was prepared for the training of health personnel.



Guide for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment, (1997).
It is the only practical reference document for the concerned service providers.




Adolescents, Sex Education and Reproductive Health, (1995). This is the report of a seminar on the subject, which was held within the framework of activities undertaken by HRDF in order to promote the new concepts and approaches to reproductive health brought about by the International Conference on Population and Development.

Changes in Women’s Labour and Employment within the Context of the Global Market: Turkey Experience (1998). This book has been prepared after a seminar where the unique survey results on the transition of women labor and employment, have been discussed.

Sexwise (1999) This booklet is prepared in collaboration with BBC and IPPF to inform youth on issues of sexual health.

Protection of Human Rights and Civil Liberties in HIV/AIDS Prevention, (1999) A publication aiming to raise consciousness on the protection of human rights and civil liberties of HIV positive persons.

Manuals for CBD workers. These manuals are produced for people working in Community Based Distribution projects. They contain basic information on reproductive health, family planning and safe motherhood and are printed in three languages, Turkish, Azeri and Russian.

Sexual Health Training Handbook for Teachers (2000) A handbook prepared for the sexual health education program in schools.

Contraceptive Method Checklists. The checklist on oral contraceptive and IUDs serve as quick reference tools for those counseling clients on contraceptive methods, including pharmacists. (In Turkish and Azeri)