Refugee Programs

Orientation Program for Immigrants from Bulgaria
This program was carried out in collaboration with UNDP and the Turkish Employment Organization. A series of educational seminars were organized to facilitate the settlement of 7,000 Bulgarian immigrants in Turkey.

Support for the Wounded in Bosnian War
Another program was conducted in collaboration with the Consulate of Bosnia in Istanbul. HRDF supported and coordinated the work of a group of volunteer physicians and other professionals who provided surgery and treatment to Bosnians injured during the Bosnian war. Those who needed hand surgery and micro-surgical treatment were brought to Turkey within the framework of this program.

Program for Supporting Refugee Women Residing in Turkey before Departing for a Third Country
This program aims to increase the level of information of refugee women and men including adolescents on various aspects mainly on reproductive and sexual health, human rights and women rights, legal aspects in third countries and like, to improve their status and capacity, as well as their families' indirectly, in adaptation to a new social atmosphere and in overcoming the new challenges. This program has been implemented in Aksaray and Nev■ehir in 1999 and in Van in 2001 and will be expanded to other satellite cities in 2002.