· On Reproductive Health: In collaboration with The Woman and Child Health Training and Research Center, HRDF has conducted field researches on sexual behavior, reproductive health knowledge, contraception use among people and update knowledge of health service providers. For all the service and training oriented projects, field researches are the complementary parts of the HRDF’s activities; because all these issues are required to define the current situation and the need assessments of the target population.

· Quality Assessment for Willows Foundation’s CBS Program (2000-2001): The purpose of this study has been to assess the services at referral centers offered to women who are being referred by the Willows Foundation CBS program by identifying the factors at the centers which prevent to receive better services and improving the knowledge of service providers in order to provide better services at their sites. In this study, analysis of records and focus group discussions were used to measure the quality of care. After the assessment, HRDF and Istanbul University Woman and Child Health Training and Research Center carried out various interventions for service providers in Istanbul and Diyarbakýr.

· On Refugees: A survey was conducted in 1999 with the refugees who has fled from Kosova and Bosnia wars and currently residing in Istanbul. The survey inquired their plans for future as well as their social and economic living conditions.


· HRDF, starting with 1989-90, has been providing scholarships each year for 10 students at university level.

· After August 1999 earthquake in Gölcük, HRDF played a coordinating role in matching the institutions and individuals who wish to give scholarships to earthquake victims and students. Currently total of 78 students receive scholarships in this program.

· By the means of a private firm in Ankara, called VATECH, scholarships are given to nearly 100 university students studying in Ankara and who are victims of the earthquake.

· Another private firm, ZEMAN, has been providing scholarships for a group of university students, who are affected by the earthquake.