Service-Oriented Programs

Woman and Child Health Training and Research Center (WCHTRC)
The Center, which was established in 1994 by European Union funds and in collaboration with HRDF, Istanbul University Child Health Institute and the Ob/Gyn Department of the Istanbul University, School of Medicine, conducts research, national and international training programs and provides services through an integrated approach in its premises within the University compound.
WCHTRC provides certified reproductive health, refreshment and counseling training to physicians, nurses, midwives, pharmacists and auxiliaries. Alongside the training activities, the Center provides health care services, offering all reversible and permanent methods of contraception, ante-natal and post-natal care, MVA, well-baby care and infertility diagnosis and treatment.

Community-Based Service Programs
Community Based Service (CBS) Delivery Model of the HRDF aims at bringing reproductive health / family planning education and services to the doorsteps of families in peri-urban areas, with the involvement of volunteers and field workers from the same neighborhood.
Field workers assist women interested in family planning to choose a method most appropriate to their needs and preferences and provide non-clinical contraceptive methods. Special emphasis is placed on encouraging couples to practice modern and effective methods and to make use of nearby public and private facilities on health and family planning in the vicinity. Referrals to health institutions for IUD and injectables, male and female sterilization and also for antenatal, postnatal and infant care services constitute the backbone of the frame of activities.

Continuous face-to-face education, diligent follow-up and a meticulous and effective referral system bring about remarkably high levels of acceptance and continuance for both clinical and non-clinical methods in reproductive health / family planning. Study findings clearly demonstrate a long-term behavior change in contraceptive practice ensued by the CBS model of the HRDF.